HRNOTE supports corporate growth with HR

Our value is the growth of company with HR.
We will deliver useful information for human resources operations in various ways.


We will deliver you information on recruitment from all points of views, such as new graduates, mid-careers and part-time employment hires. Introduction of recruitment services picked up from  up‐to‐date information.

Information of Recruitment

Personnel Management

Here is contents related to personnel management area such as attendance management, welfare benefits, safety and health, salary. We introduce basic knowledge, solutions, state-of-the-art service, examples of other companies.

Personnel Management

Talent Management

We will deliver useful information in the field of talent management, such as employee engagement, organization management, education and training know-how, personnel system, basic knowledge on building internal rules, way, latest service, other company case examples.

Information of Talent Management


Regardless of the HR area, we will introduce a wide range of information, trivia, etc. that can be useful in the business scene.

Information of Tips